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Lego Robotics

2020 represents Immacolata’s 8th year of participating in the First Lego League (FLL).


Quick Immacolata highlights from last year:

  • We typically have 4-6 teams and about 30-45 Immac students participate 

  • All teams have competed in qualifying competitions

  • Past teams have won awards for; highest robot points, Robot Design, Research Project and Core Values

  • 3 teams have advanced to the regional competitions.


Here is a quick summary of the program.  Students will:

  • Build a robot from Lego parts 

  • Program the robot to solve 10 predetermined “missions”

  • Perform independent research on the 2020 theme 


At the completion (early November), students will:

  • Present a unique solution based on the 2020 theme

  • Present their robot design and how they programmed the robot to solve missions

  • Run their robot in a series of head-to-head competitions with other teams.


Why participate?  The students learn:

  • How to think critically

  • How to GENUINELY work as a team

  • How to solve problems in the absence of instructions

  • That all the gadgets they use (ipads, video games, etc.) are not magic – someone actually designed and programmed them

  • STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) skills are not innate  – anyone can develop these skills through a combination of curiosity and effort.

  • FAILING is a part of discovery.

  • You can BOTH have fun and learn a lot at the same time.

  • STEM programs like this are becoming commonplace in many high schools


Important details:

  • Deadline to indicate interest:  

    • August 1st

  • Cost: 

    • $75 (Made payable to  Immac Lego League)


Practice times: 

  • TBD.  Coaches will work with each team to try to accommodate schedules as much as practicable.


Team Determination:

  • I will let you know by August 30th if we are able to form an age appropriate team for your child

Coaches still wanted/needed!

  • Remember, NO technical skills are required. 

  • The kids need to discover solutions on their own – coaches merely facilitate the process. 

  • I will be happy to provide an orientation for the coaches/kids at the first meeting.

First Lego League Logo.png

Robotics Competition 2020

AKA First Lego League (FLL) 


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