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  • Spiritwear is Immacolata branded clothing and is a great fundraiser for the school.

  • The Spiritwear store is open at select times during the year. 

  • When the store is open, store times will be emailed.

  • On Spiritwear Days, students may wear an Immacolata t-shirt or sweatshirt.  They may wear Immacolata shorts, pants or athletic pants.  They may wear blue / white clothing.

  • Please double check your order before you submit. We have the same item offered in toddler, youth and adult so please double check the one you are selecting.  

  • Sportsprint will not do returns or exchanges.

  • Auction Friday t-shirts raise money for the Immacolata Auction.

  • On ALL FRIDAYS, students may wear their "Auction shirts." These are shirts that are sold during the Immacolata Auction Gala. 

  • They can be worn every Fridays AND Spiritwear days!


Any questions: contact Kim Gaskell

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