Arrival / Dismissal

Morning Arrival


  • We have very few students being dropped off at the main office doors.  Quick tip—drive down the hill; go wide under the basketball hoops to avoid the preschool drop-off lane and drop off at the front!  Great express route for parents on the go!

  • Students may arrive no earlier than 7:45 am and no later than 8:25  am (they should be in their classrooms no later than 8:30 bell)

  • Students will enter one of THREE entrances :

    • East Entrance (Main Office Entrance)

    • North Entrance (Entrance  across from Rectory)

    • PreSchool Entrance (West Entrance by garage door) 

    • NOTE - NO LONGER able to enter through Recess Doors 

  • KGD - 3rd - proceed to cafeteria for before care

  • 4th - 8th - proceed directly to their homerooms.

  • If arriving after 8:30, please enter through EAST entrance (office entrance) and report  directly to office.


Afternoon Dismissal​

Most Recent Note:

 Be sure to park AS CLOSE AS POSSIBLE to the car in front of you.  Cars are going out on Clayton Road and this can be avoided. We know everywhere is saying 6' apart, but let's make sure that's NOT the case between our cars! 

  1. Parents will continue to park in lanes in the large parking lot same as prior years.

  2. Students that are walking home will meet the designated staff member at the front of the school and be escorted to the sidewalk off the property.

  3. We are going to try to keep FIVE lanes as LONG as possible and NOT MERGE down as early as we usually do.

  4. If you are one of the earlier ones parking, be sure to curve in FRONT (school side) of the dumpster so that we can have four lanes up until it has to merge to fewer lanes up near the church.

  5. Please REMAIN PARKED until the lead parking teacher starts letting cars exit at the beginning of the line.

  6.  As previous years, all cars follow their respective lines and then are dismissed with hand signals (line 1 is blue, line 2 pink, line 3 green and line 4 orange on this map) and follow the other cars along the road on the SOUTH side of the school (the NORTH side street is closed during dismissal)

  7.  If the line has begun moving and your child is not yet in your car with you, please, follow through the line.  Students will be kept near the garage.  After you go through the line, pull over to the United States map and a teacher will bring your child to you.

  8. Any children remaining after the dismissal line has finished will be brought to the school office.


The following grades will exit at the following times at the following entrances:


3:05 pm

  • Preschool Dismissal -  Preschool Entrance

  • KDG - Recess Doors


3:10 pm

  • All remaining classes