Hot Lunch Program


Welcome to our Hot Lunch Program administered by Food Service Consultants, Inc.

Food Service Consultants offers three options for hot lunch each day or a weekly salad choice. 

Students may bring their own lunch.

Milk is provided with a hot lunch or salad.

Extra milk or individual milk may also be purchased.


Lunch Payments

All lunch payments should be made directly to Immacolata.School.

Lunch accounts can be checked online through the teacherease website (dropdown link under "miscellaneous", click on fees).

Lunch Tray Options

Lunch Tray option A, B & C: $4.75

The Salad Lunch option: $4.75

The extra entrée for all grades: $1.75

Milk: $.20 (entrees & salad includes milk)

Thursdays are Papa John's Day.

Papa John’s lunch tray: $4.75

Extra Slice: $1.75

All grades may order extra.

Grades PK-2 are limited to one extra slice.

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