Winter Plan

As Thanksgiving draws near, we count our Immacolata community as one of our biggest blessings!  As COVID-19 numbers increase in our area and new mandates are put in place, questions arise around our school staying open between Thanksgiving and Christmas.  We would like to make our Immacolata school community aware of how Immacolata is responding to the latest changes:

Immacolata's Response:

  • School will remain open and in person as we have up until now.

  • We do not foresee moving to a virtual option unless the Health Department deems we need to shut down due to too many active cases of students & staff or due to a shortage of teachers & substitutes.  We are hopeful, especially with our wonderful community and these new mandates in place, that this will not happen.​  However, should we need to move virtual, Immacolata has a program in place and is ready.

  • CYC Sports are able to still be played at this point.  We will alert you with changes to guidelines as we get them.  A huge thank you to our Immacolata Athletics Association volunteers who are working hard to make sports happen this year.

  • Immacolata will continue to consider close contacts as it has up until this point, per the Archdiocese and Health Department recommendations and will not follow the recent Missouri modification at this time.  



  • Masks - Be sure your student's mask is clean and fitting snuggly.  As we move indoors even more, this is so important.  Have them pack a few extra in their backpack so they are sure to not forget one. 

  • Symptoms - Be sure to keep your student home if they are experiencing symptoms.  Families have been doing a great job with this and we are so grateful.  Click here for more information.

  • Keep those suffering from COVID-19 in your prayers  - Immacolata is amazing in its philosophy of putting God first, others second and ourselves third.  Keep families in your prayers suffering from COVID-19 whether physically or mentally.  The Christmas Season will look different in many ways, but we can keep the spirit of Christmas alive.

Thank you for your continued support in being vigilant in taking safety precautions during this pandemic. God Bless us all!