Immacolata Virtual Learning

Absence other than COVID-19 quarantine:

  • As in years past, if a student is absent due to a non-COVID-19 related illness, vacation, or other non-COVID-19 mandated reason, they will be treated as a typical absence in a non pandemic school year.

  • Homeroom teachers will have a fellow student gather your son/daughter's work throughout the day.

  • The materials will be placed in the office to be picked up, or, if requested, the work will be sent home with another sutdent and/or a sibling.

To keep things manageable for our staff, students can have remote school — ZOOM/work put out/SeeSaw/Google classroom—only when on the COVID list (waiting on test result for self/family member; in quarantine for close contact; or covid positive).


Going out of town on vacation; for sporting events; for the holidays; preemptive quarantining for any of the previous is not a covid-related absence.  These circumstances will be treated as similar absences were treated in previous year.  Teachers can gather up what work that they can (this is not always possible depending on grade level or subject matter) for parents to take with them if they wish

AND FOR SOME GREAT NEWS—While we have had many students out for various reasons—Tier 1 symptoms; close contact of a covid-positive person; etc—we have still only had 2 positive students present in school this year withno in-school spread. This is due to the fabulous work of our parents for being so proactive and conscientious! And a big thank you to our teachers that are doing such a fabulous job with balancing so many students in and out of school this year!


Absence due to COVID-19 quarantine:

  • Please be aware that teachers will only be hosting Zooms for students with COVID-19 related illness and/or quarantine restricitions.  These absences should go through the school office as a spreadsheet is maintained to keep staff up-to-date.  Although teachers have recurring Zooms, we will not be hosting a meeting unless students are absent due to a COVID-19 related illness or a required quarantine due to exposure.


Keeping Immacolata an in-person educational and faith community:

  • Thank you for in advance for your understanding and patience as we navigate through these ever-changing events.  As always, attendance in school is extremely important.  While we want to ensure that students that are out on mandated quarantines are able to keep up with their studies, this also needs to remain a manageable option for teaching staff.  The staff is dedicated to keeping Immacolata an in-person educational and faith community.  To do this, they are wearing many hats and are stretched a bit thin.  But with everyone's patience and cooperation, I know this will be a great year!