Important Note for Math Facts Fall 2020

Due to the uncertainty of the learning environment at the beginning of the school year, we have decided to wait to begin the Math Facts Scholar's Program until after Christmas. By delaying the start of the program, we will be able to assess and plan for appropriate social distancing during Math Facts testing.

Math Facts at Immacolata

Immacolata licenses this program from Math Facts Scholars and therefore we agree to follow all the pre-set guidelines. 

Math Facts happens after school each week on Thursday from 3:10-3:40. Parent participation is required in this program. Parents help the program to run smoothly by working together to moderate the students, time the tests, copy tests, donate supplies, grade the tests and facilitate an environment that promotes positive learning. 

The volunteer schedule is created and distributed at the beginning of each semester, therefore parents know when they are scheduled to volunteer and can make arrangements. Typically, parents volunteer twice per month. 

Important Dates

  • No important dates at this time.  We will reassess for 2021.


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Math Fact Scholars | Math Tutoring

The MATH FACT SCHOLARS program helps kindergarten through 7th grade students that are struggling in math. Students advance through the 8 skill levels in the program mastering basic addition, subtraction, multiplication, & division facts, multi-digit computation, and working with fractions, decimals and percentages. Students earn ribbons, medals and trophies as they progress through each level.