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Due to COVID-19, we will not be having our annual Trunk or Treat, but fear not!

Our Immacolata Staff & Teachers have planned a fabulous Halloween for our Students!

2020 Immacolata Halloween Festivities!


Friday, October 30th

No Uniforms!

As a special treat this year, students do not have to wear their uniforms!

School safe masks still must be worn.

PK-5th - Costumes!

Costumes should be comfortable, school appropriate & easy to wear all day (No inflatable, no taking on & off)

6th-8th - Halloween Clothes!

Come in clothes that "scream" Halloween! (Black, orange & school appropriate - comfy clothes acceptable)

Halloween Attire! (10/30)


Trick or Treating in the Hallways! (Bring a treat bag)


Will pass out candy at each doorway on all the floors!

Trick or Treating! (10/30)

6th-8th Entries 

  • 6th-8th Graders make their entries at home & bring into school on the 20th

  • Pumpkins will be displayed along rectory sidewalk (or inside if raining)

Voting & Prizes

  • Students will vote on their favorite pumpkin

  • Prizes: Amazon Gift Cards: 1st - $50, 2nd - $25, 3rd - $25

Pumpkin Decorating! (10/30)

ALL Grades will have Parties this year!

  • Due to volunteer restrictions, the teachers will handle the class parties

  • Home & School is working with each teacher to provide individualized parties

  • Each class will have treats, activities, crafts & more!

Halloween Parties! (10/30)

Monday, November 2nd

9 am around the field & blacktop

  • Every year, our Kindergarteners dress up as Saints and parade around each classroom

  • This year, they will parade around the field & blacktop

  • Masks will be worn

Saints Parade! (11/2)

  • Every year, our 5th Graders dress up as Saints and give "Museum Presentations" in the church

  • This year, the 5th Graders will record their Presentations as videos

  • Each class will get to view these wonderful videos with their classroom

  • Videos will be posted for family to watch as well!

Virtual Living Saint Museum (11/2)

We will continuously work to maintain the spirit of our Immacolata events and the community building aspect, while being sure to address the safety of our community as well as current guidelines.


8910 Clayton Road, St. Louis, MO 63117

314-991-5700 / jstutsman@immacolata.org