2020 Christmas Program!

For the first time ever our Christmas Program play has been turned into an Oscar worthy film, thanks to the phenomenal acting skills of our Immacers!

While Netflix & Hulu fought for streaming rights, we thought it best to just provide the link here for all our Immacolata community to enjoy!

Christmas Movie!

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A pandemic threatens cheer at Immacolata...


But Fear Not!


The 8th Grade is here to save the day!  Thanks to Tik Tok and the science lab, they're able to create a cheer concoction & spread Christmas joy throughout!

Movie Order


​While we have no doubt you will want to watch this movie in its entirety again and again and is the order of the movie to allow you to find where your child performs:

  1. Introduction

  2. Welcome Prayer

  3. 8th - Introduction

  4. 8th - Lab Creation of Cheer!

  5. 8th - Dance of "Jingle Bell Rock"

  6. 5th - Colvis

  7. 7th - Koval

  8. 1st - Mossman

  9. Zoom

  10. 5th - Lohe

  11. 4th - Frisch

  12. 1st - Tedford

  13. 6th - Bruns

  14. 4th - Reynders

  15. 3rd - Hostetter

  16. 6th - Menges

  17. 8th - True Meaning of Christmas

  18. Christmas Poem

  19. 2nd - Nativity Scene Part 1

  20. KDG - Flahaut

  21. 2nd - Nativity Scene Part 2

  22. PK3 - Deelo

  23. 2nd - Nativity Scene Part 3

  24. PK4 - Cook

  25. Closing Remarks

Thank You


Thank you to all of our teachers and staff for making this a possibility this year, despite all the obstacles.  So much work always goes into the program with our teachers, Mr. Pitts (our music teacher) and all the staff putting in extra work and time (and patience!) as the production comes to life.  

It is school memories like these our children will carry with them.  We feel so grateful the kids were able to still perform.  They had so much fun making it and you can truly see cheer spreading across the school.

Merry Christmas & A Very Happy New Year!


Having TroubleViewing?

First off, we are so sorry!  We know you are probably CHOMPING at the bit to watch this!

When we first posted Wednesday, we had it on Google Drive

Since then, we have uploaded to Vimeo with the link here:

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